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Friday, September 9, 2016

Yeshayahu--Visions of Redemption

We've begun a new series on Wednesday mornings about Yeshayahu's prophecies of the redemption.
Although it's focused mainly on the Haftorahs, it's not exclusively on them.

Yeshayahu 1 Intro and Chapter 6a (sorry, but the recording started late and the introduction is missing)
Yeshayahu 2 Chapter 6b  Chart of Kings and Prophets (Hebrew)
Yeshayahu 3 Chapter 49a
Yeshayahu 4 Chapter 57:14 and onward (Yom Hakippurim 1)
Yeshayahu 5 Chapter 58 (Yom Hakippurim 2)
Yeshayahu 6 Haftaras Bereishis a
Yeshayahu 7 Haftaras Bereishis b
Yeshayahu 8 Haftaras Bereishis c
Yeshayahu 9 Haftaras Bereishis d
Yeshayahu 10 Haftaras Bereishis e
Yeshayahu 11 Haftaras Bereishis f
Yeshayahu 12 Haftaras Bereishis g
Yeshayahu 13 Haftaras Shemos a
Yeshayahu 14 Haftaras Shemos b
Yeshayahu 15 Haftaras Shemos c
Yeshayahu 16 Haftaras Shemos d
Yeshayahu 17 Haftaras Shemos e
Yeshayahu 18 Haftaras Yisro a
Yeshayahu 19 Haftaras Yisro b
Yeshayahu 20 Haftaras Yisro d
Yeshayahu 21 Haftaras Yisro e
Yeshayahu 22 Haftaras Taanis Tzibur a
Yeshayahu 23 Haftaras Taanis Tzibur b
Yeshayahu 24 Haftaras Vayikra a
Yeshayahu 25 Haftaras Vayikra b
Yeshayahu 26 Shabbos Rosh Chodesh a
Yeshayahu 27 Shabbos Rosh Chodesh b
Yeshayahu 28 Shabbos Rosh Chodesh c
Yeshayahu 29 Shabbos Rosh Chodesh d
Yeshayahu 30 Shabbos Rosh Chodesh e
Yeshayahu 31 Chazon a
Yeshayahu 32 Chazon b
Yeshayahu 33 Chazon c
Yeshayahu 34 Chazon d
Yeshayahu 35 Chazon e

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tehillim--One Chapter a Week

Here's your chance to start at the beginning and work your way through. We are learning one chapter a week, focusing on the theme and avodah aspects of that chapter. We will cover as much of the p'shat as we can manage, depending on the length of the chapter. I tend to explain the perek according to both Chassidus (mainly Breslov) and Rav Hirsch's commentary, with particular focus on the nuances of the language.

Tehillim 1 (Intro and 1)
Tehillim 2
Tehillim 3
Tehillim 4
Tehillim 5
Tehillim 6
Tehillim 7
Tehillim 8
Tehillim 9
Tehillim 10
Tehillim 11
Tehillim 12
Tehillim 13 and 14
Tehillim 15
Tehillim 16
Tehillim 17
Tehillim 18 (sorry, the recording didn't work...)
Tehillim 19
Tehillim 20
Tehillim 21
Tehillim 22
Tehillim 23
Tehillim 24
Tehillim 25
Tehillim 26
Tehillim 27
Tehillim 28
Tehillim 29
Tehillim 30
Tehillim 31
Tehillim 32
Tehillim 33
Tehillim 34
Tehillim 35
Tehillim 36
Tehillim 37a
Tehillim 37b
Tehillim 38
Tehillim 39
Tehillim 40
Tehillim 41
Tehillim 42
Tehillim 43 (very sorry, but the recording got accidentally deleted...)
Tehillim 44
Tehillim 45
Tehillim 46 (with interruptions, sorry)
Tehillim 47
Tehillim 48
Tehillim 49
Tehillim 50
Tehillim 51
Tehillim 52
Tehillim 53
Tehillim 54
Tehillim 55
Tehillim 56
Tehillim 57

Friday, April 17, 2015


Koheles 1: Intro and 1.1-1.2
Koheles 2: 1.3-1.11
Koheles 3: 1.12
Koheles 4: 1.13-1.17
Koheles 5: 1.15-2.5
Koheles 6: 2.6-2.13
Koheles 7: 2.13-end of the chapter
Koheles 8: 3.1-3.8 [To everything, there is a season...] [Correction: The corpus callosum is the "hard body" that bridges the two hemispheres of the brain. In class, I forgot that it's callosum and not collosum, and so I mistranslated the Latin. Caveat Emptor!]
Koheles 9: 3.9-3.13
Koheles 10: 3.14-3.19
Koheles 11: 3.20-4.3
Koheles 12: 4.4-4.11
Koheles 13: 4.13-4.15
Koheles 14: 4.16-5.5
Koheles 15: 5.5-5.7
Koheles 16: 5.8-5.11
Koheles 17: 5.12-5.19
Koheles 18: 6.1-6.7
Koheles 19: 6.7-6.12
Koheles 20: 7.1-7.6
Koheles 21: 7.7-7.8
Koheles 22: 7.9-7.12
Koheles 23: 7.12-7.14
Koheles 24: 7.14-7.18
Koheles 25: 7.18-7.23
Koheles 26: 7.23-7.26
Koheles 27: 7.26-7.29
Koheles 28: 8.1-8.4
Koheles 29: 8.5-8.8 (forward to the second hour of the shiur)
Koheles 30: 8.9-8.11
Koheles 31: 8.11-8.14
Koheles 32: 8.14-8.17
Koheles 33: 9.1-9.3
Koheles 34 9.4-9.7
Koheles 35: 9.8-9.11
Koheles 36: 9.11-9.18
Koheles 37: 10.1-10.4
Koheles 38: 10.5-10.8
Koheles 39: 10.9-10.11
Koheles 40: 10:12-10.14
Koheles 41: 10.15-10.20
Koheles 42: 11.1-11.3
Koheles 43: 11.4-11.6
Koheles 44: 11.7-11.10
Koheles 45: 12.1-12.7
Koheles 46: 12.8-12.14 CHAZAK, CHAZAK, V'NITCHAZEK!
Koheles 47: Review of half of the megillah (we ran out of time)
Review Sheet of Pesukim

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jewish History

History of the Yishuv in Eretz Yisrael (Incomplete)

Kol HaTor--Spiritual Foundations of the Gaon's Students' Aliyah
Early Political Zionism 1
Early Political Zionism 2
The Three Oaths
WWI and Balfour Declaration
British Mandate #1 White Papers
British Mandate #2
British Mandate #3
Partition Plan #1
Partition Plan #2
WWII and the Yishuv
Israeli Military Involvements and Contemporary Issues

Ein Yaakov--Berachos

Berachos 14a : Greeting another person before you've prayed in the morning
Berachos 15a : The spiritual significance of going to the bathroom before praying in the morning
Berachos 15b : The centrality of faith in Techiyas Hameisim
Berachos 16b : The four worlds of prayer and adding extra prayers after Shemonah Esrei
Berachos 17a : More "after prayers"
Berachos 17b: The Dead #1
Berachos 18a: The Dead #2
Berachos 18b: The Dead #3
Berachos 19a: Cases of Nidui
Berachos 19a: Tanuro Shel Achnai
Berachos 19a-20a: Kavod Habriyos and Kiddush Hashem
Berachos 20a: Kiddush Hashem and Modesty
Berachos 20b: Women and Positive Time-Bound Mitzvos 1 (Tallis)
Berachos 20b: Women and Positive Time-Bound Mitzvos 2 (Tefillin)
Berachos 20b: Women and Positive Time-Bound Mitzvos 3
Berachos 24b: Tefillah Aloud
Berachos 24b: Tznius 1
Berachos 24b: Tznius 2 (Rav Henkin's article from Tradition)
Berachos 24b: Tznius 3 Hair (plus Lag b'Omer)
Berachos 25-26: Sifrei Kodesh, 3 Prayers
Berachos 27b: Revolution in the Mesivta 1
Berachos 28a: Revolution in the Mesivta 2
Berachos 28a-b: Rebbi Zeira Stands for the Wise
Berachos 28b: Last Blessings
Berachos 28b-29a: Nineteen Blessings
Berachos 30a: Directing One's Prayer
Berachos 30b: The Power of the Tzibur
Berachos 30b: Torah and Tefillah
Berachos 31a: Mitzvah Joy
Berachos 31a: Prayer and Halachah
Berachos 31a: Prayer Practices
Berachos 31a: Tefillas Chanah 1
Berachos 31b: Tefillas Chanah 2
Berachos 31b: Tefillas Chanah 3
Berachos 31b-32a: Power Tefillos of the Tzaddikim 1
Berachos 32a: Power Tefillos of the Tzaddikim 2
Berachos 32a: The Prayer of Moshe Rabbeinu after the Egel
Berachos 32b: The Relative Merit of Different Actions
Berachos 32b: Persistence in Prayer
Berachos 32b: Selective Memory [For your interest, a good article on the vastness of the galaxy relevant to today's class. Thanks, Ora!]
Berachos 32b: Meditation before and after Prayer
Berachos 33a: Snakes and Scorpions and Prayer
Berachos 33a: Da'as and the Mikdash and Vengeance
Berachos 33b: The Mercy of G-d and the Nature of Mitzvah 1 (just the first hour of the recording)
Berachos 33b: The Mercy of G-d and the Nature of Mitzvah 2
Berachos 33b: The Treasury of G-d
Berachos 34a: Being Called Upon to Pray
Berachos 34b: Bowing in Prayer and the Flow of Prayer
Berachos 34b: Baalei Teshuvah and Tzaddikim
Berachos 34b: Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa's Prayer
Berachos 35a-b: The Concept of a Berachah
Berachos 35b: The Difference between Earlier Generations and Later Ones
Berachos 37a: Rice and Pottage and HaMotzi
Berachos 39a: Differences in Opinions about Berachos
Berachos 40a: The Fruits of the Eitz HaDa'as
Berachos 40b: The Sages and Blessings
Berachos 42b: Uniting for Bircat HaMazon
Berachos 43b: Your Sense of Smell
Berachos 43b: The Public Sphere 1
Berachos 43b-44a: The Public Sphere 2
Berachos 44a-46: The Greatness of Eretz Yisrael and Advice of the Sages 1
Berachos 47a: Amen
Berachos 47b: Kutim and Amei Ha'aretz
Berachos 47b-48a: Inclusion in a Zimun
Berachos 48a: King Yannai and the Sages
Berachos 48b: The Blessings of Bircas HaMazon
Berachos 48b-50: A Review of Tzom Gedalia and The Gift of Torah
Berachos 49b: Invoking for Bircas Hamazon
Berachos 50a: Nuances of the Zimun
Berachos 50a-b: Nuances of the Zimun 2
Berachos 50b: Respect for Food
Berachos 51b: Yalta and the Kos Shel Brachah; 53b Going back to Bentsch a
Berachos 53b: Going back to Bentsch b--Mitzvos like Gold
Berachos 53b-54a: The Amen of Children, and Responding to Wonders 1
Berachos 54a: Blessing the Good and the Bad
Berachos 54a: The "Wasted" Prayer
Berachos 54a: Visiting the Mikdash
Berachos 54a: Greeting a Friend with the Name
Berachos 54a: Og the Giant
Berachos 54a: Moshe's Hands
Berachos 54b: Blessing HaGomel
Berachos 54b: Lengthening One's Days
Berachos 55a: Shortening One's Days
Berachos 55a: Betzalel's Wisdom (end is Purim 5777a)
Berachos 55a: Dreams 1
Berachos 55a-b: Dreams 2
Berachos 55b: Dreams 3
Berachos 55b: Dreams 4
Berachos 56a: Bar Hedya and the Dreams 1
Berachos 56a: Bar Hedya and the Dreams 2
Berachos 56b: Rabbi Yochanan and the Tzdoki
Berachos 56b: Dream Symbols
Berachos 56b: Dream Symbols 2
Berachos 57a: The Torah Pond and Forest
Berachos 57a: Dreaming Shema and Similarities
Berachos 57b: Sixtieths of...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chassidus on the Parshah

Recordings from the weekly Parshah class at the Emek Learning Center can be found here:
Devarim 5773 (Sfas Emes)
Ekev 5773 (Mei Hashiloach)
Purim 5774 (Likutei Halachos)
Lech Lecha 5775 (Mei Hashiloach)
Vayeira 5775 (Sfas Emes)
Chayei Sora 5775 (Noam Elimelech)
Toldos 5775 (Maggid of Mezeritch)
Vayeitzei 5775 (Degel Machaneh Efraim)
Vayishlach 5775 (Nesivos Shalom)
Vayeishev 5775 (Baal HaTanya--Torah Ohr)
Mikeitz 5775 (Bnei Yissaschar)
PDF files of texts for Parshios Chayei Sora-Mikeitz 5775 -- Download Here
Vayechi 5775 (Likutei Sichos)  Text of Sichah
Shemos 5775 Shem Mishmuel Text
Va'eira 5775 Likutei Moharan and Likutei Halachos Text
Bo 5775 Shem Mishmuel Text
Beshalach 5775 Bnei Yissaschar Text
Yisro 5775 Likutei Moharan Text
Mishpatim 5775 Komarna Text
Terumah 5775 Toras Emes Text
Tetzave 5775 Degel Machaneh Efraim Text
Vayakhel Pikudei 5775 Toldos Yaakov Yosef on Parshas Parah Text
Vayikra - Parshas Hachodesh 5775 Eish Kodesh Text
Tzav - Shabbos Hagadol 5775 Shem Mishmuel Text
Acharei Mos-Kedoshim 5775 Sfas Emes Text
Emor 5775 Nesivos Shalom Text
Behar 5775 Nesivos Shalom
Bechukosai 5775 Nesivos Shalom Text
Bamidbar 5775 Likutei Halachos Text
Naso 5775 Rav Tzaddok
Behaalosecha 5775 Shem Mishmuel Text
Shlach 5775 Likutei Moharan Text
Korach 5775 Mei Hashiloach
Pinchas 5775 Likutei Halachos Text
Matos-Masai 5775 Mei Hashiloach Text
Devarim 5775 Likutei Moharan
Shoftim 5775 Likutei Halachos-Inyan Shofar
Ki Teitzei 5775 Shem MiShmuel
Nitzavim 5775 Likutei Halachos
Ha'azinu 5776 Sfas Emes--Yom HaKippurim
Noach 5776 Baal Shem Tov 1
Lech Lecha 5776 Baal Shem Tov 2
Vayeira 5776 Baal Shem Tov 3
Chayei Sara 5776 Baal Shem Tov 4
Toldos 5776 Maggid of Mezeritch 1
Vayeitzei 5776 Maggid of Mezeritch 2
Vayishlach 5776 Maggid of Mezeritch 3
Vayeishev 5776 Maggid of Mezeritch 4 (19th of Kislev)
Mikeietz 5776 Toldos Yaakov Yosef (plus chanukah party and singing)
Vayigash 5776 Toldos Yaakov Yosef
Shemos 5776 Noam Elimelech
Va'eira 5776 Noam Elimelech Text
Bo 5776 Noam Elimelech Text
Beshalach 5776 Reb Zusha 1  Text
Yisro 5776 Rav Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev 1 Text
Mishpatim 5776 Rav Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev 2 Text Lyrics of Song by Yom Tov Ehrlich Song
Terumah 5776 Kedushas Levi 3 Text
Tetzave 5776 Baal HaTanya Text
Ki Tisa 5776 Baal HaTanya  Text
Vayakhel 5776 Rav Aharon HaGadol  The Song "Ich" (the story I told) The Lyrics to "Ich" in Hebrew
Pikudei 5776 Rebbe Nachman of Breslov Text
Vayikra 5776 Rebbe Nachman of Breslov Text
Tzav 5776 Meor Einayim Text
Shemini 5776 Avodas Yisrael (Parshas Parah and Shabbos Mevorchin)
Parshas Hachodesh 5776 Chozeh of Lublin

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inyanei D'Yoma--Sacred Time

Pesach 1 (in two parts) (This is a zip file)
Pesach 1a
Pesach 1b
Pesach 2
Pesach 3
Pesach 5770
Sefirah 1
Sefirah 2
Sefirah 3
Sefirah 5770, Part 1
Sefirah 5770, Part 2
Sefirah 5770, Part 3
Lag B'Omer 1
Lag B'Omer 5770
The Greatness of Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Elazar
Shavuos 1
Shavuos 2
Shavuos 5773
Tu b'Av

Elul 1, Likutei Moharan II:82
Elul 2, Likutei Moharan II:82, continued.
Rosh Hashanah 5775 LM I:61:7 (Ohr Tzaddikim Yismach)
Yom Hakippurim
Kislev 5770
Chanukah 5775 -- Days of Thanks [Likutei Moharan II:2]
Chanukah--Likutei Halachos Hashkamas Haboker 4
Tu b'Shevat 5775 -- New Year of the Tree
Tu b'Shevat 5775 -- Pe'er and Holy Yearning
Tu b'Shevat 5776 -- Likutei Moharan II:48 Centurion Tree--Hang In There!
Purim 5774--Likutei Halachos
Purim 5775 -- Maseches Megillah 10-12 [Disclaimer: I was fasting and so I might sound a little droopy here and there.]
Purim 5775 -- "And Now..." Simchah Shel Mitzvah text

Rosh Hashanah Machzor 1 (5775)
Rosh Hashanah Machzor 2 (5775)
Rosh Hashanah Machzor 3 (5775)
Inyan Shofar (5775)
Yom Kippur Seder Ha'avodah--continued from Berachos 30b class

"Simcha for Non-Chassidim"--a seminary class on the need for simchah in avodas Hashem Text
Purim 5776--Lessons from the Komarna Rebbe followed by Tehillim 22
Pesach 5776 Azamra on the Seder (Darchei Noam)
Lag b'Omer 5776
Shavuos 5776
Eichah Review--Nine Days 5776
Elul 1 5776 ELC LM I:6a    Text
Elul 2 5776 ELC LM I:6b and LM I:105   Text
Rosh Hashanah 1 5776 ELC LM I:4 Malchuyot
Rosh Hashanah 2a 5776 ELC Zichronos and Shofros (interrupted but continues with next segment)
Rosh Hashanah 2b 5776 ELC Zichronos and Shofros (about 10 minutes, the end of the class)
Chanukah 5777 Yimei Hoda'ah
Purim 5777a (end of recording)
Purim 5777b

Women's Mitzvos

Challah 1.1
Challah 1.2
Challah 2.1
Challah 3
Challah 4.1
Challah 4.2
Challah 4.3
Shiurim on Taharas Hamishpachah (incomplete)
Niddah 1.3
Niddah 1.4
Niddah 1.5
Niddah 1.6
Niddah 2.1
Niddah 2.2
Niddah 5.1
Mikvaos 1.1
Even Ha'Ezer, 3rd class

Special Events

Shiur for shloshim in Telzstone: The Soul Mechanics of Honoring Parents
The Greatness of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and Rabbi Elazar His Son

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rashi Seminar

Parshas Ha'azinu 32.2-4
Toldos 5775
Vayeitzei 5775
Vayishlach 5775
Vayeishev 5775
Mikeitz 5775
Vayechi 5775
Bo 5775
Beshalach 5775
Yisro 5775
Mishpatim 5775
Terumah 5775 [Two corrections: When asked about v'shachanti b'socham, I left out the straightforward pshat which is why Rashi doesn't comment--Targum renders it as beineihon, which means "among them"--the mishkan is literally among the Jewish people, at the center of the camp. The other is that I said Bamidbar and I meant Parshas Pikudei.]
Tetzave 5775
Ki Tisa 5775
Vayakhel-Pikudei 5775 [Correction: The kumaz ornament is not worn externally, as a girdle upon the clothing, but internally on the genitals (See Berachos 24a).]
Vayikra 5775
Tazria-Metzora 5775
Acharei Mos-Kedoshim 5775
Emor 5775 [Correction: Chalal status is only for the offspring of forbidden unions.]
Behar 5775
Bamidbar 5775
Naso 5775
Behaalosecha 5775

Rebbe Nachman's Stories

The Cripple, lesson #1
The Exchanged Children #1
[Very incomplete series.]

New Series

The Lost Princess #1
The Lost Princess #2
The Lost Princess #3
The Lost Princess #4 plus discussion

[The King and the Emperor was eventually done between stories 9 and 10 for specific reasons. It might be helpful to learn it in closer proximity to The Burgher and the Pauper, since certain themes are similar.]

The Cripple #1 [Second time around. Includes a short explanation of why we aren't learning The King and the Emperor, which is story #2.]
The Cripple #2
The Cripple #3
The Cripple #4
The Cripple #5
The Cripple #6

Bull and Ram #1
Bull and Ram #2
Bull and Ram #3
Bull and Ram #4
Bull and Ram #5

Prince of Gems #1 
Prince of Gems #2
Prince of Gems #3
Prince of Gems #4

The Humble King #1
The Humble King #2
The Humble King #3

The Fly and the Spider #1
The Fly and the Spider #2
The Fly and the Spider #3
The Fly and the Spider #4
The Fly and the Spider #5

The Rabbi's Son #1
The Rabbi's Son #2
The Rabbi's Son #3

The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #1
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #2
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #3
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #4
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #5
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #6
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #7
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #8
The Sophisticate and the Simpleton #9

The King and the Emperor #1 (yes, we did backtrack to the second story)
The King and the Emperor #2
The King and the Emperor #3
The King and the Emperor #4
The King and the Emperor #5
The King and the Emperor #6

The Burgher and the Pauper #1
The Burgher and the Pauper #2
The Burgher and the Pauper #3
The Burgher and the Pauper #4
The Burgher and the Pauper #5
The Burgher and the Pauper #6
The Burgher and the Pauper #7
The Burgher and the Pauper #8
The Burgher and the Pauper #9
The Burgher and the Pauper #10
The Burgher and the Pauper #11
The Burgher and the Pauper #12
The Burgher and the Pauper #13

Audio Files of the Exchanged Children by BRI (with music, really great narration)
Text of Story in English with Rabbi Kaplan's notes

The Exchanged Children #1
The Exchanged Children #2
The Exchanged Children #3
The Exchanged Children #4
The Exchanged Children #5
The Exchanged Children #6
The Exchanged Children #7
The Exchanged Children #8
The Exchanged Children #9
The Exchanged Children #10
The Exchanged Children #11
The Exchanged Children #12
The Exchanged Children #13

The Master of Prayer 1
The Master of Prayer 2
The Master of Prayer 3
The Master of Prayer 4
The Master of Prayer 5
The Master of Prayer 6
The Master of Prayer 7
The Master of Prayer 8
The Master of Prayer 9
The Master of Prayer 10
The Master of Prayer 11
The Master of Prayer 12

Shir HaShirim Shiurim

Shir HaShirim 1.0 (Introduction)
Shir HaShirim 1.1-3
Shir HaShirim 1.4-5
Shir HaShirim 1.5-6
Shir HaShirim 1.7-8
Shir HaShirim 1.10
Shir HaShirim 1.12-13
Shir HaShirim 2.8-9
Shir HaShirim 2.10-11
Shir HaShirim 2.14-15
Shir HaShirim 2.15-16
Shir HaShirim 2.16-end
Shir HaShirim 3.1-3
Shir HaShirim 3.9-11
Shir HaShirim 4.6-8
Shir HaShirim 4.9-11 (Ignore the shorter, second file. Just listen to the first one.)
Shir HaShirim 4.12-14
Shir HaShirim 4.15-16

Likutei Moharan Lessons

Likutei Moharan I:1.1
Likutei Moharan I:1.2
Likutei Moharan I:2b
Likutei Moharan I:72 : Hane'elavim--emarassment as a part of spiritual growth
Likutei Moharan II:2 : Chanukah

Sichos HaRan Series

Sichos HaRan #1
Sichos HaRan #2-3
Sichos HaRan #4
Sichos HaRan #5a
Sichos HaRan #7-8
Sichos HaRan #15
Sichos HaRan #16
Sichos HaRan #17-19
Sichos HaRan 20b
Sichos HaRan 21-22